Phrasal Verbs Listesi ve Örnek Cümlelerl

  1. bring up: raise a topic or a person
  • I didn’t want to bring up the issue, but it was important to discuss it.
  1. call off: cancel something that has been planned
  • The game was called off due to bad weather.
  1. carry out: complete a task or a plan
  • We need to carry out the project within the given timeline.
  1. come across: find something or meet someone unexpectedly
  • I came across an interesting article while browsing the internet.
  1. cut down: reduce the amount of something
  • I need to cut down on my caffeine intake.
  1. do without: manage without something
  • I can’t afford to buy a new car, so I’ll have to do without one for a while.
  1. fall apart: break or fail completely
  • The car fell apart after just a few months of use.
  1. get along: have a good relationship with someone
  • I get along well with my coworkers.
  1. give away: give something for free or reveal a secret
  • The store gave away free samples of the new product.
  1. go over: review or examine something in detail
  • I need to go over my notes before the exam.
  1. hold on: wait for a short time
  • Please hold on while I transfer your call.
  1. keep up: maintain or continue something
  • It’s important to keep up with current events.
  1. look after: take care of someone or something
  • She looks after her elderly mother.
  1. make up: reconcile or invent a story
  • They had a fight, but they made up the next day.
  1. put off: postpone or delay something
  • The meeting was put off until next week.
  1. run out: exhaust or use up all of something
  • We ran out of gas on the highway.
  1. set up: arrange or establish something
  • We need to set up a meeting with the client.
  1. take over: assume control of something
  • The new CEO will take over the company next month.
  1. turn down: refuse or reject something
  • He turned down the job offer.
  1. work out: exercise or solve a problem
  • I try to work out at the gym every day.
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